• Python, javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, node.js, Django, Flask, backbone.js, puppet, Gunicorn/uwsgi/nginx, ElasticSearch, git, Python Nose, Selenium Testing

  • Strong Leadership abilities gained through experience in project management, and leading development on cross-functional product teams.

  • Exceptional Teamwork by working on distributed teams with tough process requirements. See my blog post on code quality and its impact on teams.



Web Developer (Pintern)

September-December 2012

I developed systems to ship code as fast as possible. As part of this effort, I created tools that cleanly deployed code without 500s or downtime. I built a continuous integration process that on every code change ran tests, deployed static assets to a CDN server and built localization files. To more easily expose bugs to developers, I created an internal version of that gets updated on every stable build for all Pinterest employees. I created methodologies and best practices for new feature integration. Secret Boards and sucessfully launched under these new practices that I created. I helped move Pinterest to frequent, safer deploys.


Web Developer

January-April 2012

I worked on Mozillians, a community platform for contributors. Mozillians is a site with technologies including django, backbone.js and ElasticSearch. I was responsible for tasks such as implementing a design refresh, implementing an API and working on feature requests from product owners. Check out what I worked on at my github.


Quality Engineer

May-August 2011

I created a system to generate various types of large scale load for the Mozilla Sync Servers. I wrote code that tore apart various systems and found scaling vulnerabilities. I used distributed funkload applications to generate load and MongoDB to provide a data validation backend.


Web Developer (Contractor)

March-April 2011

Twitsprout is a social networking startup. I engineered their minimum viable product. I designed a user interface that allowed users to browse their Twitter and Facebook data in more useful ways.

Top Hat Monocle

Evil Genius

September-December 2010

Top Hat is a 10-person startup that makes educational software. I implemented automated frontend testing in Selenium to help with release testing. I also implemented various backend features written in Django. Because of the nature of the startup, I was able to gain exposure in agile development and especially fast release cycles.

Research in Motion

Systems Integration Specialist

January-May 2010

I designed, developed and executed testing procedures for a new database system that allowed RIM to streamline BlackBerry production. I participated in multiple global database go-lives that critically impacted the production process. I led a team of individuals to complete testing and validate the new database system during go-live. I relied on my communication skills as well as leadership skills to get the job done.


University of Waterloo

3A Systems Design Engineering

2009 - 2014 (expected)

Honours Systems Design Engineering, Merit Scholar, NSERC Research Grant


  • NSERC Research Grant

  • Waterloo Engineering Competition Winner